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SOCIETY FOR POPULAR ASTRONOMY online lecture Tuesday 5th Oct

Started by Geoffw, October 05, 2021, 10:14:16 am

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Pop Astro Live, Tuesday 5 October, 8 pm

Check out the latest astronomy innovations with Grant Bowskill from First Light Optics. We'll be looking at the latest scopes, cameras, 3D printing, and those snazzy new digital telescopes.

Our Local Society of the Week is Mid Cheshire Astro, with chair Owen Gwynne.  The society has a new venue - could it be as cosy and kooky as the Portacabin in Delamere forest? Vicky has fond memories as it was her society before she moved to Anglesey. We know Owen is GREAT at astronomy quizzes, so he may just be first contestant for UNIVERSE CHALLENGE.

Nominate your society to star next week.

Cosmo the sloth has still not returned from last week's jaunt. Should we send a search party? Let us know if you spot a distant maroon rocket in the vicinity of Uranus. Not to be confused with a nova.

Hosted by Saturn's Ringmaster, Vicky Duncalf.
You can watch the show by going to facebook.com/popastro (we hope) or youtube.com/popastro or twitter.com/popastro just before 8 pm. You can also view on a smart TV by going to the YouTube option and searching on popastro, and you can find previous recordings on YouTube as well.