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Automatic Weather Station Offer

Started by Geoffw, February 01, 2011, 12:24:49 pm

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I have thought!!!- and I think in the short term until my commissioning and evaluation period is complete I will stay as a lurker  ;D . Perhaps at some time in the future will commit to the net after detailed discussions with yourself.
Rain forecast for tomorrow on the Cosheston walk but finger buffet is supposed to be substantial  :P.
Excellent visit to Chapel Bay Fort last week on 15th June and I think Daphne is planning a bit of a write up for the webpage but I have volounteered a quick paragraph and photo if she decides not to.
Take care...............


No problem Colin!  ...... enjoy your walk.

I didn't give you the link for the Saundersfoot weather site!


Hi Geoffw-bit hot!!! I am showing 24.2 deg C outside temperature compared to your 24.3 deg C so we shall not complain about that!!!.
Is your barometric pressure relative or absolute? since I am consistently 5-6 hpa above you and is showing 1021 dropping to 1020 hpa at the moment.
Seems to tie in with the BBC Milford "Invent" Barometric figure so was just wondering!!!.
Take care-hope its cooler tomorrow but am not on walk so you will not have problem with photo resizing. ;)


Mine peaked at High Temperature   24.7 ?C   at 16:20 yesterday, with the High Apparent Temperature reaching 27.0 ?C (Apparent includes wind humidity etc) and is a calculation See: http://www.winterman.org.uk/weather/yesterday.htm

Today it is down an amazing ten degrees!  Brrrh!

As for Pressure.  You weather station gives an actual reading but the general rule is you adjust it as if you were at sea level.  I have had to calibrate mine by adding 9mb as I am at an altitude of 105m.  Another way of doing it is to wait until we have a period of extensive high pressure and then adjust your to read the same as the Milford Weather Station.  Which, if I remember is what I did.....

I, of course, use Cumulus - so I'm not too sure how Easy Weather deals with this.


Hi there Geoffw-certainly a bit pleasanter today with external temperature now 15.4 deg C so that's an improvement on yesterday.
With reference barometric pressure I can select the display on my model by selecting pressure then + or - to change between the  "rel" or "abs" values. Currently showing 1019 rel and 1006 abs hpa.
I don't remember entering an altitude correction but the "rel " seemed about right so left alone.
The way you are talking you entered an altitude and the machine calculated the difference for rel.
Was this on the weather unit or another programme you are tied into?.
Take care. :)


June 27, 2011, 07:18:53 pm #25 Last Edit: June 27, 2011, 10:32:30 pm by Geoffw
I just compared my reading with Milford Haven and the BBC on a day of settle high prressure, and the result was I had to add 9 it the calibration window in Cumulus.

This thread and its links might be worth a read.