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Started by SteveB, August 02, 2020, 09:04:38 pm

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As you may have read in a recent newsletter, I have volunteered to organise a relaunch of the Natural History Group.

Before moving to Pembrokeshire, I was for many years an active member of Milton Keynes Natural History Society, Chairman for four years and Secretary for 22. I am a graduate Zoologist with a special interest in entomology, evolution and the environment.

In present circumstances we can do very little, but once it is safe and legal to do so I would plan to invite all interested parties to an inaugural meeting at the hall in Merlin's Bridge on a free Wednesday morning. There we can meet one another and decide what we want to do.

My own ideas would be to have monthly indoor meetings, with speakers if I can get them, at Merlin's Bridge throughout the months of inclement weather, probably on a Wednesday morning. During the late spring, summer and early autumn, I would suggest monthly meetings in the field at suitable sites. As a newcomer, I would be most grateful for suggestions as to these sites, and indeed also for offers to give talks at indoor meetings (possibly, for those that do not feel able to give a long talk, only of 10-15 minutes duration, in which case a meeting could consist of 3 or 4 such short talks).

Some people have already e-mailed me to express interest, and if so you need not respond to this to do so again. But if not and you are interested please, if you have not already done so, register your interest and/or suggestions and ideas about a revived Natural History Group either here or direct to me on stevejbrady@hotmail.com.

I hope we can get this back off the ground in one of the most wonderful areas for Natural History in the British Isles.

Steve Brady