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The Brexit Bill will be implemented at 11pm on 31st Jan. 2020

Started by welshcol, January 31, 2020, 12:14:54 pm

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Well I'll be wearing blue today, as this country begins to enact the most stupid decision it has ever taken in my lifetime.

A lifetime that has seen this country slip from imperial rule of much of the planet to a grumpy little collection of islands turning its back on our nearest neighbours in Europe. Europe, a continent trying, and I think succeeding to put behind it, centuries of inequality, wars and petty quarrels.

So, we finish up with the shameful memory of that arrogant group of stupid $$$$$$, with their smug, ignorant and complacent faces waving they silly little union jacks in the centre of European cooperation and democracy.

I doubt if I'll be around when the full implications for our children and grandchildren becomes apparent, but in the meantime, and for what it's worth, I for one remain not a 'remainer', not a remoaner, but a European.