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The Night Sky this Month - March 2019

Started by Geoffw, March 01, 2019, 04:00:46 pm

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The Night Sky This Month - March 2019

Orion and the edge of the southern Milky Way in early March 2019

Four bright planets make an appearance in the night and early-morning sky this month. Mars lies in the western sky after sunset, while Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter adorn the eastern and southeastern morning sky before sunrise. Jupiter, in particular, is a dazzling sight as it grows bright and large enough to invite careful inspection with a telescope in the hours before dawn. The prominent constellations Orion, Taurus, and Canis Major all move westward as March progresses. And the seasons change as spring begins in the northern hemisphere and autumn begins in the south.  Here's what to see in the night sky this month.