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April 09, 2020, 11:36:00 am

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 Hi - a repeat of Weather man Walking 7-30pm Good Friday at St Brides Bay Beach.
Hi Geoff - great picture.
What was your exposure time and setting??
You will have to get those trees chopped down!!!!  ;)
Thank you - these side effects of Coronavirus causes typing errors as well!!  ;)  ;D 
I vaguely remember a reference to snook, usually in derogatory terms,  in World War 2 British Films in a similar context to Spam and Dried Egg.
I guess it was a cheap imported fish to eek out the diet for the UK population.

Officially the Common snook fish inhabit the coastline of the western Atlantic, from Florida south to Rio de Janiero, Brazil, and throughout the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Although specimens have been found as far north as New York, snook are not considered abundant north of Cape Canaveral, Florida.
Perhaps a film for a little escapism during W/E 10th April ?

The Muppets 4pm Saturday BBC2
Johnny English 3-10pm Sunday Channel 5
James Bond's Skyfall 8pm Sunday ITV2
Paddington Bear  5pm Monday Film 4
Superman- Man of Steel 9pm Monday Sky1
The Titfield Thunderbolt 3-25pm Wednesday BBC2
Whiskey Galore 3-25pm Thursday BBC2
Smokey &the Bandit 8pm Thursday ITV4
Paddington Bear 2 9-25am Good Friday CBBC (Freeview201)
Repeat of the doorstep support for not only the NHS but care workers and essential supply personnel.
Tonight at 8pm ✨👍👍👍👍👍
Teddy Bears have been Spotted in Milford Haven P1010052.JPG