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Who is taking care of the long term energy needs and Investments ???🤔

Hi Bob thought with your commando training you could go under cover and get some close ups!!! Ha Ha  ;) :)

Good write up and some photos from Pembrokeshire Herald'

Happy crane is back 😉😁😁
Hopefully they will have plenty of time for final "new " Bridge installation and alignment.
Saw they were clearing the Dredgemans Hill compound in preparation for repeat of Bridge change out in February.

Great photos of the "old" bridge on the move.
Looking at the "new" Bridge on Thursday, see photo, thought crane would be doing a lift off the transporter of the old bridge then placing new bridge on the carrier since space looked very tight for any other option.
From what you are saying not the case so "hope"  ::) they have any easy installation of the new unit tomorrow.

Astronomy Group / Re: Total Lunar Eclipse Visible from UK
« on: January 18, 2019, 08:28:30 AM »
Early indications are that there will be good visibility for the early hours of the Morning of 21st January giving a good chance of viewing the Total Lunar Eclipse.  ::)

What time is the lunar eclipse?

The table below lists the timings for the whole eclipse as seen from London and they might differ by a few minutes for other parts of the UK.

Local time (GMT) in London
Penumbral eclipse begins

The Moon will start to enter the Earth’s penumbra (area of partial shadow) and start to darken.
High in the south west

Partial eclipse begins

The Moon will start to enter the Earth’s umbra (area of full shadow) and leave its penumbra and will darken considerably, almost as if it is changing its phase from full moon to waning crescent in just over an hour.
High in the south west

Full eclipse begins

The Moon has completely entered the Earth’s umbra and starts to turn red.
High in the west

Maximum eclipse

This is when the Moon is closest to the centre of the Earth’s umbra.
Fairly high in the south west

Full eclipse ends

The Moon will start to leave the Earth’s umbra and enter its penumbra losing its red colour.
Fairly low in the west

Partial eclipse ends

The Moon has left the Earth’s umbra and has completely lost its red colour. One side starts to get lighter whilst the other is still very dark as it enters the Earth’s penumbra, almost as if it is changing from a waxing crescent to a full moon in around an hour.
Low in the west

Penumbral eclipse ends

The Moon will look slightly darker than usual and has now left the Earth’s penumbra.
Low in the west

General Chatty Stuff / A "Simple" Guide to Brexit!!!!
« on: January 15, 2019, 05:33:22 PM »
A "Simple" Guide to Brexit!!!! now there's a contradiction if ever I saw one!!!! ::) :( :(


Hi Bob- thanks for that.
I asked Carol are you selling tickets!!!! ??

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