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Started by Geoffw, March 06, 2011, 08:29:37 pm

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To group and prospective members, as most of you know, recently we have enjoyed between fifteen and eighteen
players at our sessions. Barbara and I now feel that these numbers are just about the limit to what is comfortable
considering the restraints that the size of the hall and the number of tables dictate.

We have therefore decided to limit the size of the regular player group to Thirty (30) which it is at present. Any more U3A members wishing to join will be placed on a waiting list until there is a vacancy available. We have confirmed the Haverfordwest Leisure Centre booking for the 28th of this month, play will be between 12:00 and 2:00pm. Will all players confirm with us whether they will be at this session or not.

Car sharing could be arranged before this date: Barbara and I can take three passengers if required. Three tables will be about ?7.00, but as this will be shared between us all, individually the cost should be minimal.   On Feb 2nd we enjoyed the company of a Welsh International player, who provided us with many tips and tricks
for better play. We look forward to his company again!