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U3A Geological Field Trip to Nolton Haven and Broad Haven

Started by Geoffw, May 03, 2015, 08:45:28 pm

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Saturday 2 May 2015  10 members assembled  at 10.30 am in the car park at Nolton Haven for a day looking at the coastal geology and the impact of the nineteenth century industrial past of coal mining.  Sadly the weather got steadily worse as the day progressed, but the intrepid group persevered.

In the morning we followed the coastal path from Nolton Haven to Rickets Head to view the Coal Measure cyclothems. A distance is about 1 km and easy walking after climbing the path out of Nolton Haven.

The Pub lunch at the Mariner's Inn in Nolton Haven turned out to be a warming bowl of soup (we were obviously not expected!); while some brought a packed lunch and sat on the beach (I suspect in their car!).

In the afternoon we proceeded along the coast road to the car park at Haroldston Chins [SM863163] to look at the landslip feature overlooking Druidston Haven. Then onwards to Broad Haven. We walked along the beach past Emmet Rock to view the Variscan folds in the Coal Measures and also attempted to examine the Sleekstone monocline.  However at this time the weather and the incoming tide curtailed a close look at Sleekstone.   Many thanks to John Downes for organising the day and his expert guidance.

Photos: Colin Hankinson & Geoff Winterman