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Night Sky in June 2021

Started by Geoffw, June 02, 2021, 03:42:32 pm

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Night Sky in June

A change of seasons arrives as stargazers in the southern hemisphere enjoy long nights to make up for cooling
temperatures, while northerners enjoy summer at the expense of much shorter nights! But there's plenty to see this month as Jupiter and Saturn grow in brightness and size, rising in the southeast after midnight. Mars slowly eases itself westwards towards the sun after more than a year in the night sky, but it goes out in style as it passes through the Beehive star cluster late in the month. Mercury is lost in the sun's glare for most of June. But Venus sits low and bright in the evening sky over the northwestern horizon after sunset at its most northerly declination of the year.

Here's what to see in the night (and day) sky this month..................SEE ATTACHMENT BELOW

The Night Sky in June 2021.pdf