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Lost Cousins Newsletter 15th August2020

Started by Geoffw, August 15, 2020, 11:17:52 am

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Saturday is the 75th Anniversary of VJ-Day and in Australia are offering free access to military records. Read this and much more in my latest newsletter:

Searching for the oldest family historians amongst us
Where did your ancestors marry?
Could your ancestors read?
A sad duty
Staying in touch
Connecting with the cousins you already know
Get Ancestry DNA for just $59 in the US ENDS MONDAY
Save on Y-DNA tests at Family Tree DNA
Free access to Australia and New Zealand military records ENDS SUNDAY
Finding a son, searching for a sister
Jam yesterday, jam tomorrow
Back to the fuchsia
One member's lockdown solution
Peter's Tips

Now you know what's in the newsletter: the next step is to click the link below so that you can read the articles (or else, highlight it, copy it, then paste it into your browser).