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Attaching an image to a message......

Started by Geoffw, October 13, 2012, 09:59:28 pm

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First you need to resize the image as standard camera images are too large to include in a web page and take too long to upload

1: Resize your image (we recommend a maximum size of 800x600
2: Create a new message and type the content into the message box.
3: You can attach up to six images to any message.
4:  Click on "Additional Options" below the message box

5: Click on the "Choose File" button under "Attach"

6: Click on "(more attachments)" for each additional image you want to attach
7: Finally click the "Post" button and wait for the hour glass to disappear before you close the window.



Hi Geoff-nice day for a change!!!. 8)
I don't know if its me but the illustrated boxes in your post are cropped on the right hand side and is missing some of the text.
Also when you recommend resizing before using as an attachment do you have to  save as a "modified" photo otherwise original, high definition .jpg is lost-or not?. As you know this is an old and yet unresolved problem that I have. BTW I am storing my photos in Picasa and calling them up from my file in there to display. ::)
Walking Monday?



The images are deliberately cropped to focus on the part of the page I am discussing!

To clarify, I would not suggest you resize the original image.  You can either resize and save under another name, or do what do.  I have a separate folder for resizing and  save a 'copy' of the original there, where I can resize and keep your original name when I deal with yours.

Personally resizing under another name or by just adding small to the image name (as "image resizer' can do) is the simplest way.


Thank you Geoff will give a try.
Perhaps we could have a "hands on" exercise at the next Steynton Hall session ?  ::)
Forecast good for tomorrow. 8)


Hope to be with you but I have to start putting together the Newsletter Tomorrow, so I'll see if I've the confidence the shelve starting and come on the walk! ;)