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Preselli Astronomy Group Needs YOU!

Started by Geoffw, March 28, 2022, 11:42:13 am

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Important Meeting: 7.00pm Tuesday 5th April in Letterston Community Hall   
The Preseli Astronomy Group has been meeting monthly at Letterston Community Hall for a number of years. The group has assembled a fine collection of telescopes and other astronomical equipment, and in the past has participated in many local Citizen Science events, especially its annual Summer Solar observing for the public at Newgale.

The Covid pandemic has devastated the Preseli Astronomy Group's activities, so it has been decided to restart the group from scratch. There will be a meeting in Letterston Village Hall at 19.00 on Tuesday 5th April to assess the future of the Preseli Astronomy Group and elect a new committee.

Sadly, if there is not enough interest the group will be dissolved and its assets and equipment will be offered to other astronomy clubs. This would be a sad loss for Pembrokeshire as West Wales has such wonderful opportunities for observing the night sky and the Preseli Astronomy Group has encouraged many to take up the hobby over the years.



Certainly interested and would have attended but conflicts with family arrangements.
However please register my on-going interest.