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Pembrokeshire Federation of Angling Coaches

Started by admin, January 19, 2016, 10:41:34 pm

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We have been asked to put this entry on the Forum by U3A Member Penny Reed

Are you an Angler and would you like to put something back into your sport?

Pembrokeshire Federation of Angling Coaches (PFAC) are a group of men and women from a variety of different working backgrounds who wanted to do exactly that - give something back to a sport they love. Through PFAC they became trained coaches with the Federation of Welsh Anglers (FWA) now known as Angling Cymru (AC). 
AC is the only is the only National Governing Body for angling recognised & supported by Sport Wales. It is the umbrella body representing; Welsh Federation of Coarse Anglers (WFCA) and the Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers (WFSA).
PFAC's roots began in 2002, where we started working together coaching groups in Pembrokeshire. We organised 2 events the first year introducing children to the sport with some practical hands on tuition at local venues. In 2008 we formally established PFAC bringing together trained coaches from three disciplines of angling, Sea, Coarse and Game - PFAC completed over 20 events that year.

The group and its reputation has since grown and this year we completed over 50 separate events for a variety of different groups from schools, scouts, foster children and a number of special needs groups including Casting for Recover, and organisation supporting people recovering from cancer.  These events are conducted at a number of different fisheries around Pembrokeshire and generously supported by their owners and local angling clubs.

If you are interested come along and join us, you would be made most welcome.  You can help without being a trained coach and if it appeals to you PFAC will support you in becoming a fully qualified FWA Coach.

For more information why not visit our website; Pembrokeshire Federation of Angling Coaches. http://www.pfac.org.uk/