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Journey to the Edge of the Universe - MORE4

Started by Geoffw, April 30, 2011, 07:36:11 pm

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"Journey to the Edge of the Universe" on More4 tonight at 22.00

"In one single, epic camera move, this unique film travels from two people staring at the night sky, accelerating up and out of our atmosphere, past the aurorae, the moon and our nearest planets, and out of our solar system, to stars, nebulae, galaxies and beyond - to the edge of the universe itself.

This awe-inspiring voyage uncovers the most beautiful, powerful and mysterious phenomena in the cosmos, from pulsars to supermassive black holes, and from star nurseries to quasars and much more.

The film explains the fascinating truth of how planets and stars are born, and encounters fascinating phenomena, from worlds with unimaginable storms to collisions of supermassive scale and speed, and to the distorted world of the black hole."