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Including an image from a website in your message!

Started by Geoffw, August 01, 2013, 01:09:46 pm

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All you have to do is navigate to the website:

1: Right click on the image you wish to use
2: If the drop down menu includes "Copy image URL" select it.
3: Go back to your message.
4: Click where you want the image anywhere in your message
5: Select the first button in the middle row of buttons above the message box - just above the smilies (if you hover your curser above it it will tell you it will "Insert Image")
6: Click on that button and the following text will appear in squared brackets "(img)(/img)" with the curser flashing between them.
7: Right click where the flashing curser is, select "Paste" and you link will appear there.

It will look something like this (with square brackets)


If you preview your message you should see the image ........ try it here if you like - this is the Test Bed!


Hi Geoff-thanks for that and will give it a try. ::)
I did right click and gave the option of "Copy" for the appropriate section which I clicked on. :)
When I tried to "paste" into the U3A Webpage posting it did not give the paste option. :(


The important choice to look for is "Copy image URL".