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Problem looking for a simple Photo Editor

Started by howlettmarg, November 23, 2014, 04:45:34 pm

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I am trying to download a free programme "Paint" from TechRadar, an easy to use photo editor, more powerful than Microsoft Paint but not as complex as Photoshop. 

I see it in my download file but when I try to install it a message appears saying it is an unsupported 16-bit application and suggests I contact the software vendor to ask if a 64-bit Windows compatible version is available. 

I don't know how to go about this so any help would be much appreciated.


I just tried downloading Paint.net from Techradar - it came up with the same error message when trying to install it.
I then googled "Paint.net 64bit". One of the websites it came up with was - http://www.getpaint.net/download.html
I haven't tried it but be aware of the possibility of the site downloading other software that you don't want without your knowledge!


Many thanks Bob for replying to my query but in view of the last sentence of your comments I think I will forget all about the download as I don't want to risk any extra software on the computer, but your reply was much appreciated.