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A Lockdown competition for aspiring writers

Started by Admin, May 11, 2020, 09:18:41 am

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We remain on Lockdown here at Rhosygilwen and currently we have very little idea when we might be able to stage our next event. However we've launched two competitions for aspiring writers on the theme of Loving the Earth.

Have a go at our SHORT STORY competition by clicking on this LINK. We also have a Poetry Competition!

There are good prizes and winners will be announced in the summer.

We will be watching government guidance closely for a timeline for coming out of the lockdown. As soon as we have a clearer idea of when it might be safe to hold events under social distancing criteria we will get back in touch. In the meantime stay safe and let's support the NHS and all the Health workers. It is our plan to hold the first event in support of them.

Best wishes from us all at Rhosygilwen.