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Tilt shift effect in Photoshop

Started by nuthatch, March 15, 2011, 06:06:55 pm

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This was prompted by a question (from tigger) during the Photographic Group meeting about how to get a small part of a piano keyboard and the makers name in focus while blurring the remaining keys.

The following links show how to mimic tilt-and-shift lenses - used here to simulate close-up photography of miniatures.  I think the technique could work for the original challenge.



It should prove cheaper than buying the tilt-and-shift lens I recommended - http://tinyurl.com/6ajgbjr   :)



Thank you, Nuthatch.  I will give your links a go later.
You gave me lots of ideas at the meeting on Thursday, which I will try out when I have a few hours to spare!!  Very useful.


I've tried both your suggested sites - both basically the same.  I found the second one easier to follow (not much wrong with the first, though!).  Gaussian blur, rather than lens blur, gave me more the result I wanted, and with a bit of fiddling, lots of time and great fun I got there in the end.  On the second site there were some very effective examples, weren't there?
Thanks for your suggestions.