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The Night Sky in November 2021

Started by Geoffw, November 03, 2021, 06:35:49 pm

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The Night Sky in November 2021
For northern stargazers, November means earlier sunsets and longer and cooler stargazing sessions, while southernhemisphere observers now enjoy the warmer nights of spring. Deep-sky watchers look to the open star clusters of Cassiopeia and Perseus and the galaxies fields of Pegasus and Sculptor. Orion rises late in the evening and dominates the southern sky after midnight. The bright planets Jupiter and Saturn are just past their prime for the year but still big enough for observing in a telescope, while Venus adorns the evening sky in the southwest and Mercury makes a brief appearance in the pre-dawn sky. The 'Halloween Fireballs', also known as Taurid Meteors continue into the first week of the month. And auroral activity has been picking up as the Sun grows more active in its 11-year cycle.

Here's what to see in the night sky this month... CLICK HERE