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Lost Cousin's Newsletter Nov 2021

Started by Geoffw, November 22, 2021, 05:32:09 pm

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There's something for everyone in my latest newsletter, starting with an outstanding offer from the company that has more British and Irish records than any other:

Time to save 25% on Findmypast subscriptions ENDS SUNDAY
How to support LostCousins  and get a free LostCousins subscription
Another chance to hear Professor Probert FREE
Minimum marriage age to rise?
DNA solves mysteries - sooner or later
BIG savings on Ancestry DNA END SOON
MASTERCLASS: How to get the most from Findmypast
Who were Darby and Joan?
The redhead living in the Tower of London
Review: The Girl in the Painting
Out of time: a challenge for readers
Library book returned 73 years late
What the Dickens!
Review: A Picture of Katherine Mansfield
Do you remember Brown & Polson blancmange?
Less tea, vicar?
How to find the LostCousins Forum
Peter's Tips

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