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Welsh Ambulance Raises Awareness for Risk of Falls Week

Started by welshcol, September 22, 2021, 05:46:46 pm

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An unacceptable state of a affairs that pre-dates Covid. 

I had a front seat view of the chaos on Saturday morning.  I pull in to the Ridgeway Garage on the Fishguard Road.  By the door of the garage an elderly gentleman had collapsed and was laying prone on the concrete being comforted by staff and customers.  Inside I found the manageress distraught.  She had rung for an ambulance to be told none were available!

All this happening of the edge of our County Town and less than a mile from a General Hospital with an A&E department!


Totally agree.
On BBC Wales News an ambulance crew were saying that it was not unusual to be waiting outside a hospital for over four hours to hand a patient over to hospital staff for treatment!!!
Where has it all gone wrong & where is the accountability ??