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LostCousins Newsletter

Started by Geoffw, June 07, 2021, 10:52:01 am

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Banging your head against a 'brick wall'?  Perhaps this newsletter will inspire you to change your tactics....

What makes a 'brick wall' crack?
Oldest 'brick wall' comes crashing down
Save 25% on Ancestry DNA in the UK ENDS 20TH JUNE
Don't just read the Masterclass.....
Exporting servants to Western Australia in the 1850s and 1890sScottish Roman Catholic registers online
Marriage registers: follow up
An amazing sequence of marriages and other chance discoveries
Adoption stories: forced to give up their child
The last veteran of Dunkirk and D-Day?
Get better results from your newspaper searches
What's available from your local library?
Royal Succession
Realising the potential of DNA: gene therapy
Probability and family history (part 2)
Peter's Tips

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