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Lost Cousins Newsletter 29th July 2020

Started by Geoffw, July 30, 2020, 08:06:12 am

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Sometimes going back to basics is the only way we can get over our 'brick walls'.....

Good news - Ancestry changes delayed
Has your family been affected by COVID-19?
Is your maiden name the one you were given at birth? Née
MASTERCLASS: finding birth certificates
CHALLENGE: can you break down this 'brick wall'?
The unknown sister
Wills witnessed by video link to be legal
Society of Genealogists library re-opens on Tuesday
Important advice for libraries and family history societies
The history of brands and companies
Pawn tickets provide clues to life a century ago
The gift that doesn't keep on giving
Retiring at 100
The dying teenager who wanted world peace
Peter's Tips

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