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Five Remarkable Women Who Shaped the 1920s

Started by Geoffw, May 04, 2020, 08:49:59 am

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'All These Barriers are Broken Down' - Five Remarkable Women Who Shaped the 1920s
January 7, 2020In 1920s, Women's History by Rose Staveley-Wadham

The 1920s were time of greater freedoms and liberation for women. They cropped their hair, their dresses got shorter and shorter; it was socially acceptable for them to drive, drink and smoke. But such freedoms would not have been possible without the pioneering women who not only shaped the decade, but the many years to come.

In this special blog, using the British Newspaper Archive, we take a look at five of these remarkable women and their work. Some of them are well-known names, including suffragist Millicent Fawcett and birth control pioneer Marie Stopes, but others, such as Carrie Morrison, England's first female solicitor, and Gwyneth Marjorie Bebb, the first woman to be admitted to study at the Bar, have for the main part been forgotten, although their influence lives on.