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Updating PC drivers

Started by Maytree, February 14, 2020, 05:46:41 pm

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I thought I would pass on a tip I got from Computer Active Magazine about updating drivers on a PC. I don't usually recommend "Driver Updater" programs as they usually cause troubles, but this one I have used on four different PCs and, so far, had no problems.

It is called "Driver Booster 7 Free" from www.iobit.com. Click on "Free Download". Don't touch the paid for version and don't get enticed by any other product they push at you!

The attachment gives you a bit more information.

When you have updated your drivers I suggest you uninstall the program, they keep sending popups saying they have an "Update". This turns out to be an upgrade and they want your money!

This is probably for the brave among you! I am happy to help if needed.