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Resizing Images

Started by nuthatch, May 30, 2011, 08:43:22 pm

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May 30, 2011, 08:43:22 pm Last Edit: December 24, 2017, 06:07:57 pm by nuthatch
Reposted from the Computer Forum since it seems to be a regular question

Powertoys for Windows XP includes a very useful image resizer.  This is integrated with the operating system so that right-clicking on an image file in Windows Explorer (or group of images) gives you a drop down menu item 'Resize Pictures'.

This in turn gives you several defaults and a custom option for the new size.

It produces a resized copy and does not alter the original (unless you tell it to!).  I would not advise ever changing the original.  The resized images are stored in the same folder as the original.

The original powertoys are at:


Windows Vista and 7 versions are available at:



  • Download and run the appropriate  'Image Resizer' file.
  • Reboot the computer if it asks you to.

  • If necessary copy (drag and drop) the photos out of any zip folder to wherever you want to save them.  The next bit won't work inside a zip folder.

  • Find the photo you wish to shrink and right-click on it.

  • Select 'Resize Pictures' from the drop down menu.

  • Make sure the box for "Resize the original pictures (don't create copies)" is NOT ticked.  This is usually hidden under the Advanced button.

  • Choose a size and click on OK

You should now find an extra photo in your folder which will be the size you selected (as well as the original).

Edit: 24 Dec 2017 - Amended the link and confirmed that it still works on Windows 10



Hi Mike-do you know if this is OK for Windows 8.1 ? without me experimenting!! ::)


I haven't got around to installing it yet on Windows 8 but most things that work with W7 should, so worth a try.

Time for someone else to be the pioneer !



I'm using it with W8 but you must use it via the desktop.


This works with Windows 8/10, but is now found here:



I have just been made aware of another free resizer program which also can do renaming and other potentially useful functions.  I've not yet needed to use it personally but I have used the FastStone Imagew Viewer.

Have a look at:  http://www.faststone.org/FSResizerDetail.htm