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David Hart (1940-2013)

Started by Geoffw, August 06, 2013, 06:16:20 pm

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Something I missed in March was the death of David Hart.  Sir David Hart was General Secretary of the NAHT (National Association of Headteachers) from 1978 till 2005.  I met him a few times at conferences and the like.  He was formidable operator but enjoyed a Guiness!

Quote"A measure of Sir David Hart's influence in government circles can be glimpsed by the following exchange in the early days of New Labour. Tony Blair's education advisers were mulling over a potentially controversial education reform - there were murmurings about how it might be an anathema to the National Union of Teachers followed by silence. A voice, that of a senior adviser, piped up: "Ah, but what do the National Association of Head Teachers think about it?" The implication was that, if they too opposed it, it could be jettisoned to the history books.

Hart, who died of cancer in a hospice near his home in Cumbria, was general secretary of the NAHT for 27 years from 1979 to 2006, dealing with 12 different Education Secretaries during his time in office. He moved the organisation to the centre stage of education politics - making it into one of the most respected and influential of the six teaching organisations."

Independent  WEDNESDAY 20 MARCH 2013