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General Chatty Stuff / "Bit About Britain!
May 17, 2019, 07:48:44 pm
I get emails from "Bit about Britain" which I enjoy and the website is good too.  Other U3A members might be interested!



I thought it might be useful to put this information in the newsletter and email. I've been for a check and would recommend it to any man. My father died from an AAA so I am aware of this danger.

1. aorta
2. heart
3. aortic aneurysm
4. aorta leading away from the heart
5. kidney

The aorta is the main blood vessel that supplies blood to the body. If it becomes weak and stretches it can rupture. If it does your chances of getting to hospital and surviving surgery are very poor.

Men are six times more likely to have an AAA than women. As men reach their 65th Birthday they are invited by NHS Wales to attend screening. However if you were already 65 when the programme started in 2013 you won't receive an invitation but you are eligible and can simply phone for an appointment.

You are only screened once in a centre local to you. If you are OK (as 95% are) it's very unlikely you will have a problem in the future. There is a monthly screening day in the Health Centre in Winch Lane, Haverfordwest. It's an ultrasound scan (the one that pregnant women have to see the baby) and takes no more than 15 minutes. Here's a link to the programme:

or just phone 01792 45 31 62 for an appointment. They will mail information to you along with confirmation of your appointment.

A date for your diary... 16 - 19 September at the Torch Theatre, one of the funniest musicals you will ever see.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum by Stephen Sondheim is being performed by Haverfordwest Operatic Society Musical Theatre with one of U3A's members David Bowen, in the leading role as Pseudolous. Gill Bowen, also a member, is directing this brilliant farce.

Inspired by the farces of the ancient playwright Plautus, the musical tells the bawdy story of a Roman slave and his attempts to win his freedom by helping his young master Hero, woo the girl of his dreams. There are slaves, courtesans, soldiers and beautiful dancers.  It is light, fast-paced, witty,  irreverent and one of the funniest musicals ever written.  It was the inspiration for the 1960s TV series "Up Pompeii" starring Frankie Howerd, who played Pseudolus in the original West End run.

For this production there have been some equally funny changes to bring the humour "up to date" with todays thinking. The two would-be lovers are played by our two youngest members, both with beautiful voices and the possibilities of a musical career. The show features comedy and dancing along with wonderful singing, both solo and chorus.
Tickets are £11 with concessions on the first night, Wednesday 16th, of £9. The Torch Box Office is on 01646 695267

See more ( including men in togas! ) at  https://www.facebook.com/HOSmusicaltheatre/timeline?ref=page_internal

Hello All,

I hope you won't mind me sending this email to you but Gill and three friends have taken up the Oxfam Trailtrekkers Challenge.

The challenge works like this:

Form a team of four; raise at least £1500 for Oxfam; then as a reward go to Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales at the end of May and have a walk.

The catch is that the walk is 100 kilometres (62.2 miles in old money) and contains a total ascent equal to Snowdon plus Ben Nevis AND has to be completed in 30 hours walking through the night! Now you see why I call them crazy especially as they are all of, shall we say, a certain age, with some of them past the mid point of their seventh decade.

Apart from the walk itself there's all the training they have been doing on the coast path to get to a point where they can meet the challenge so this is a really tough thing.

They have raised about £1000 so far so there's still a bit to go and if you think their effort is worth supporting you can donate at
www.justgiving.com/motherspride3  They would all be very grateful.

Best Wishes