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A little poem about Welsh Cakes

Started by Geoffw, February 04, 2015, 11:45:19 pm

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An ode to the Welsh cake - A poem by Cathryn Scott

Are you a cake
Or a little drop scone?
It doesn't matter,
You'll soon be gone
Into my tummy
You tasty wee thing.
Oh, you'll never know
What pleasure you bring!

I like you best
Hot from the griddle.
Mustn't roll you too thick -
You'll be raw in the middle.
Raisins and cinnamon
Mixed in with that dough.
Sugar sprinkled on top,
How I love you so!

Memories of mum
My brothers and me cooking.
Scoffing the dough
When no one was looking.
And now I'm all married,
With kids one, two, three
They do the same
While I pretend not to see.

You never last long though,
I can't have just one.
Overindulging is
Part of the fun.
On the day of our saint
You are easily found.
But I'm no fair-weather fan;
I eat you all year round.

I bake them for loved ones
Who now live away,
A little taste of home
When they come to stay.
Delicious with breakfast
Or a hot cup of tea,
Oh! Humble Welsh cake!
How I love thee.