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Backup Software.

Started by Geoffw, July 31, 2022, 10:56:11 am

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My Documents folder is really bloated with files and documents that I want and need to keep but rarely access.  I back the documents folder onto an external drive regularly, but I know a great deal of space on my active computer hard drive is wasted by files very infrequently needed.

Documents: 274GB / 90,314 files in 7,212 folders!  Documents going back to my first PC in the '80s.

I am looking for a Backup App that:
1: Would mirror my folder organisation on an external drive.
2: Find files that have not been edited or accessed for a designated period (say 3 months).
3: Move those files to an external drive.
4: So relieving space on my PC but having everything reasonably at hand.

Can you suggest an App I can take a look at?