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Lost Cousin's Newsletter 6th May 2020

Started by Geoffw, May 06, 2020, 08:27:24 am

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Contact-tracing app apes cousin-tracing pioneer
No plans to allow online birth registrations in England & Wales BREAKING NEWS
British History Online FREE UNTIL JULY
Instant Sunshine
A lovely story
Lockdown extended: competition extended WIN $1000
From 0 to 40 in record time
Mother's Day offers from Ancestry
Remembering 1953
Musing on memory
Family use lockdown to clean gravestones
Are you re-inventing the wheel?
Why men are the weaker sex
Ancestry invites US members to help with COVID-19 research
Reading Scottish handwriting
Archive Card goes live - but with a catch
Too good to check?
Say "Cheese"
Review: Life in Medieval Europe
Review: Images of the National Archives: Codebreakers
Peter's Tips

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