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Problems with the Forum? / The New forum
May 20, 2019, 03:51:05 pm
Hello Geoff

Just thought I'd let you know that I really like the new layout/forum - it looks much cleaner and fresher.

Unfortunately when I click on the U3A logo to return to the website nothing happens!  Maybe because I have an iMac!

Also I couldn't work out where to make this new post.  I thought there used to be something to click on when you wanted to post other than below the topic as it is now.

Otherwise keep up the good work.

Buy and Sell Market (or Giving Away!) / Free to good home
November 04, 2018, 07:38:56 pm
I have a cross bred Jack Russell terrier that I am trying to re-home.   

He has a lovely nature and he is usually quite good with other dogs out on walks and he tolerates children. He is very full of life and gets very excited going round and round in circles and jumping up into the air before going for a walk.   He is quite highly strung.

His immunisations are up to date and he has a Pet Passport.  I think he would do well in a home where he was the only dog.

For further information please contact Rosey on 01646 622113 or 07873 309414.
Please can anyone give me some advice on heating my now very cold, smallish kitchen?  I have just had an ancient gas boiler removed and a new one installed in the airing cupboard.  It will be quite difficult to put a new central heating radiator in the place where the boiler used to be as it would involve a lot of new pipework which I think would be unsightly.

Initially I thought a vertical electrical radiator would do the trick (the gap in the worktop is only 40cms wide) but I am now considering a panel radiator just above the worktop.  I have also looked into underfloor heating and using an electric heater.  Ideally I would want something with a thermostat and a programmable timer.

I should be grateful for some U3A wisdom and advice.  Many thanks.
Family History / Mormon Church, Johnston
April 17, 2016, 01:45:21 pm
The Mormon Church in Johnston welcomes U3A Family History members and is open every Friday between 1pm - 3pm.  They can also access Ancestry and Findmypast as well as their own Family Search. 

The email address for Elder Roger Brunt is brunt's@gmail.com and for Chris Hughes it is fishy_adept@hotmail.com
I thought this free online course from Future Learn might be of interest to some U3A members


I have undertaken two Future Learn courses and found them very interesting.  I have another one on Ageing Successfully lined up!
Computer and Information Technology / Cyber Security
March 12, 2015, 06:39:13 pm

I am just coming to the end of this free course, which I have found to be excellent and I would recommend everyone to do it.  It takes  about 3 hours a week & lasts for 8 weeks.  The next course starts on 20th April