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Started by SteveB, May 19, 2022, 06:45:06 pm

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Our next outdoor activity was planned to be a look at the Nature Reserve at Pembroke Upper Mill Pond. However, because vandals started a fire last autumn which restricted direct access to that site, we shall look at it as we explore the neighbouring Holyland Wood, meeting at 2pm on Tuesday May 31st.

Unlike the challenging upland hike last month at Treffgarne Gorge, this is an easy stroll, not too long, (about an hour), mostly on boardwalks, through mostly wet woodland and a reed bed. There are a few muddy bits so stout footwear is advised, but even the less athletic amongst us should find this easy to cope with. There are interesting marsh flowers, damsel- and dragon-flies, and lots of birds. Bring binoculars if you have them. There are also badgers and otters, but it would be truly remarkable if we saw any!

How to get there.jpg

Meet at the free car park off the A4075 Holyland Road from Pembroke to St Clear. Leaving Pembroke, this car park is on the left immediately before the 50 mph Speed Limit signs. Coming the other way, it is just after the sign announcing the edge of the town of Pembroke and concomitant 30 mph limit signs., Map ref. SM 996 016, postcode SA71 4BD, location on Earth's surface 51° 40' 39" N, 4° 53' 57" W. There is some overspill parking across the road.

Here is some information on Holyland Wood



and here on Pembroke Upper Mill Pond



If anyone knows any way of actually getting on to the Upper Mill Pond Reserve other than from Holyland Wood and where access is not too difficult and worthwhile in terms of seeing anything, please let me know and we can try to incorporate that into the day's activity.

As usual, I will issue a final go/no go e-mail on the eve of the walk, lest bad weather stop play.

See you on the 31st, I hope!                 


Steve Brady, Natural History Group Leader