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Lost Cousin's Newsletter July 24th

Started by Geoffw, July 24, 2020, 08:39:14 am

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I bet that like me you've made more progress on your family tree this year than you could possibly have imagined back in January! But there's always more that we can do, and the techniques in this newsletter and my Masterclasses will help you excel:

Findmypast add more Surrey registers
Ancestry DNA changes - what you need to do now!
When a change in perspective can make all the difference
The Browning version
Another 'brick wall' comes tumbling down
'I was found as a baby wrapped in my mum's coat - but who am I?'
GEDmatch site out of action following security breach
Family Tree Maker users' data compromised
Review: The Nonconformist Revolution
Review: Ian Fleming's Inspiration: the Truth Behind the Books
Peter's Tips

Now you know what's in the newsletter: the next step is to click the link below so that you can read the articles (or else, highlight it, copy it, then paste it into your browser).


Alternatively, visit the LostCousins website where there's always a link to the latest newsletter in the menu: