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Something for the Musicians during lock down!

Started by GordonS, April 28, 2020, 02:15:48 pm

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The Ukulele Orchestra of Self Isolation[/b][/center]

.....and there is more int he website

Normal activity by the Ukulele Orchestra GB is of course currently suspended owing to the measures introduced in response to the Covid-19 virus. One hopes that something like normal activity will resume eventually, though of course there may be unforeseen long-term consequences.

For the moment we are all in our own homes. The performers in the orchestra are finding ways to make music together. They have been interacting.

Viewers who enjoy the orchestra's unique blend of friendliness, entertainment, humour, anarchy and "infotainment" (which is sometimes known as "utter piffle"), may enjoy the videos and other material which have been assembled for episodes of the orchestra's "Ukulele Lockdown".

Perhaps we could all benefit from some joy, fun, life-affirming sentiment, morale-boosting solidarity and an antidote to isolation, fear, boredom, doom, gloom and feelings of pointlessness.

Join the orchestra for a laugh, a song, and a way of connecting with others which doesn't involve potentially risky social proximity. Stay at home but join the orchestra as they find ways to tap their toes and make beautiful music together.

We are lining up videos of the orchestra, solo appearances, Q&A sessions and other interactive elements. Link up with us if you like this. There is more to come every week.