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Star Wars: Rogue One

Started by Geoffw, January 04, 2017, 03:27:41 pm

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Well I 'think' I enjoyed it!  It was a fine prequel to the 1st Star Wars film I saw back in May 1977 and as such worked, but I'm not sure what someone who is new to Star Wars would make of it.

Very noisy / Action packed / fantastic special effects - especially when Peter Cushing (who died in 1994) appeared on screen.  It seems they wheeled on a Holby City actor with similar cheekbones then digitally stuck old bits of face on top.

One for the enthusiasts without a doubt!



Important for films enjoyment to have a working knowledge of the previous Star Wars films although this is the prequel to them all - I think!!

Convoluted plot not helped by leading actor with strong French! accent which made clarity of his speech difficult at times, especially during the noisy action sequences, could have done with some subtitles!!
Good in parts IMHO especially CGI animations. ::)