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Joining our discussion forum

Started by Geoffw, December 21, 2010, 12:18:58 am

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December 21, 2010, 12:18:58 am Last Edit: May 03, 2020, 06:30:13 pm by Geoffw
If you have never participated in an online Discussion Forum before, please read this statement carefully before you register to become a member??..

Welcome to the Pembrokeshire U3A Discussion Forum.  Here are a few notes to help you understand the Forum (as it is called) and how to make the most of it. We do hope as many of you who are able, will sign in to become active members.  We are giving you the opportunity to take part in a discussion forum, in a safe, secure and local environment. On a local Pembrokeshire scale you will be experiencing our very own version of Facebook and/or Twitter, safe in the knowledge only other current members of the Pembrokeshire U3A will be able to participate. 

In conjunction with our new website we hope the Forum will help more members stay in touch and participate, even if they cannot always attend group meetings.

Basically a Forum can be likened to a large room filled with lively minded individuals with something to say or who are interested in following debates and discussions.  Around the room are various 'groups' or tables that you can sit down and enjoy the debates (post messages) or just listen to the chat and discussion (Lurk!).  Some of these Groups will be specialised such as Photography or Computers, and others will emerge from Groups within Pembrokeshire U3A.  In addition groups with a more general interest may be created.  To stop some of the more contentious discussions descending into ?fisticuffs? there are a small group of Moderators/Administrators who wander around to keep order!  I cannot see this being a very onerous task here even if the Forum attracts a large number of contributors.

Pembrokeshire U3A Forum
1. This Discussion Forum is exclusively for members of the Pembrokeshire U3A
2. It can  be read by anyone but you have to follow as simple registration process to participate
3. Some sections can be ?private? like the ?U3A Pembrokeshire Private Area? you will only see if you are logged in as a registered member.
4. If you have difficulties help will always be available
5. If you would like to join the discussion CLICK HERE to email your request.  Please include you full name and membership number.  A username and a password will then be allocated to you.
8. Every U3A group can have their own Discussion Group if members so wish

We look forward to hearing from you????????.