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August 17, 2022, 03:18:41 am

French Groups

Started by nuthatch, February 24, 2013, 06:21:59 pm

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The following message may be of interest to French speakers and group members.  (Posted by Nuthatch)

After leading French language groups for U3A in Poole, Dorset UK for some years and experimenting with various learning resources which might best suit U3A members I have teamed up with a Parisian friend to develop our own free website, for French Improvers - and Beginners. I am using it for my own group and it is proving popular elsewhere and of course members are able to use the site at home at their leisure. The stories vary in level of difficulty and are recorded at both slow and normal speed by Patrick in his impeccable native French voice. The free site enables the reader to take time to try to emulate Patrick?s clear pronunciation and the complete programme of stories contains a substantial and growing vocabulary. We are enjoying our work and want to share it.

This is the link:  http://froggish.host22.com/

or just entering froggyspeak in Google should reach both the free website and our Facebook page.

I would be grateful if your French language group leaders and members could find a few minutes to have a look - and we love to have feedback. If anyone likes the website they are at liberty to use it and to pass it on to students, friends and colleagues.

Best Wishes
Bernard Mouzer


I have just discovered the "froggy" site and think it splendid.  I do not have the opportunity to attend a French Group and it is just what I need to stop me getting too rusty.