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June 22, 2021, 09:53:55 am

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There have been rumours of a new hospital to be built in the Whitland area in the distant future.
This has appeared in the Walesonline paper confirming it.


Family History / Re: On line learning courses
February 06, 2021, 11:16:54 am
Sadly all the places have been allocated, so the course is not now available to new applicants.
I heard about the course through a third party, hence the delay in posting.
I am now on the mailing list and will be able to post without a delay.

Family History / On line learning courses
February 05, 2021, 12:08:19 pm
The following is available from the U3A National Research & Shared Learning Project.
There may be a limit to the numbers that can be on the course -

"I thought you might want to hear about these sessions, offered by Toni Neobard, a member with extensive family history research experience.

Each session is around 2 hours long (including a short break) and they are free. They are not basic skills but are intended for members who have done some basic family history searching already.

This is the description of the sessions, and bookings are for all 4 sessions

2pm Tues 2nd March 2021: Getting The Most From The Census

2pm Tues 9th March 2021: Breaking Down "Brick Walls"

2pm Tues 16th March 2021: Dating Old Family Photographs

2pm Tues 23d March 2021: Introduction To DNA for Family History

Contact Toni at tonifamilyhistory@gmail.com to make your booking"

Family History Group Leader
Taken from the Express Newspaper.

Zoom is ditching its meetings time limit to help people that are unable to travel due to local restrictions or just avoiding travel to keep friends and family safe to keep in touch with their loved ones. The videoconferencing app will lift its 40 minute limit on a very specific days, including Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year.

The dates are as follows:-

Last Day of Hanukkah: 3pm GMT on Thursday December 17 - to 11am Saturday December 19 2020.

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day: 3pm GMT on Wednesday December 23 - to 11am Saturday December 26 2020.

New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Last Day of Kwanzaa: 3pm GMT on Wednesday December 30 - to 11am on Saturday January 2 2021.

Astronomy Group / Re: For Sale in Pembrokeshire
June 23, 2020, 11:08:39 am
Nothing visible on the post Geoff!

Photography / Camera Equipment prices
June 23, 2020, 11:04:27 am
Photography buffs and other techies will be interested in this UK company, they specialise in low prices.
I was looking for a new iPad, they undercut everyone else by £40. Delivery was about ten days but they delivered the goods.
Take a peek  :)

Link - https://www.hdewcameras.co.uk/

We watched it last night, at 8.28pm.
It was very clear and right overhead, even used my stabilized binoculars (Geoff)!
Lasted three minutes.

Keep watching,

Computer and Information Technology / Updating PC drivers
February 14, 2020, 05:46:41 pm
I thought I would pass on a tip I got from Computer Active Magazine about updating drivers on a PC. I don't usually recommend "Driver Updater" programs as they usually cause troubles, but this one I have used on four different PCs and, so far, had no problems.

It is called "Driver Booster 7 Free" from www.iobit.com. Click on "Free Download". Don't touch the paid for version and don't get enticed by any other product they push at you!

The attachment gives you a bit more information.

When you have updated your drivers I suggest you uninstall the program, they keep sending popups saying they have an "Update". This turns out to be an upgrade and they want your money!

This is probably for the brave among you! I am happy to help if needed.

This will bring a smile to your face!

Microsoft have a built in keyboard in Windows 10 with all sorts of Emojis - See attachment.
To get it on your screen "Press and hold the windows key and then press the full stop key".
(Windows key + .), It works on browsers, Office and email programs.
To explore the various types of Emojis select any icon on the bottom line and a different set of Emojis appear. Scroll down for more. Just click on an Emoji for it to appear on your work.
The keyboard vanishes if you click outside it, just use "windows key + ." to get it back.

Trespass are offering 10% off all goods for walking groups in its Haverfordwest Bridge Street shop.
To get it tell the assistant the you are from the U3A walking group and quote "Local 10A - 10% discount Haverfordwest"

For a limited time there are discounts of up to 70% a lots of items.

We ended up buying walking boots for each of us and a pair of Wellingtons, we only went in for the wellingtons!