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Group relaunched!

Started by SteveB, October 28, 2020, 02:09:09 pm

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Thank you to the members who joined me at the kick-off Zoom meeting this morning for the Pembrokeshire U3A Natural History Group. Other members sent apologies for not being able to attend on this occasion but indicated their active interest.

It was agreed that the long-term objective is to hold monthly indoor meetings combined with, or possibly, especially in summer, replaced by, outdoor walks to places of interest.

Indoor meetings would have guest speakers - a lady who rings birds in her Pembrokeshire garden has been suggested for example - or invite members to give 10 minute talks, possibly illustrated, on areas of their interest, or ask members who wish to do so to give a short talk on a Natural History related book of interest to them, and so on. It was stressed that there is no pressure on members to speak or contribute. All are welcome to just to sit back and enjoy listening if that is what they prefer.
Outdoor meetings could be general walks in interesting places to see what we can see, or ones focussed on a specific point of interest at the venue, e.g. a fungus foray or bird or orchid spotting or whatever. Each outdoor event would have an Event Leader who beforehand would have chosen the route, identified parking and rendezvous point and so forth and might perhaps start proceedings off with a brief introduction to the site and what is to be seen. Those attending would be encouraged, if they wished, to record species seen and either submit records themselves to relevant recorders or pass records to the Event Leader or a member who has a special interest in the group concerned.

In present circumstances, indoor meetings will have to be via the medium of Zoom, which presents problems for some but was agreed to be better than nothing. In the longer term the hall at Merlin's Bridge is, I understand, currently available the 4th Wednesday morning of each month and that might be a suitable venue.

However, subject to the ever-changing CoVID regulations, we felt that it would be good to have at least one outdoor meeting before the end of the year, with appropriate social distancing.

Two venues for our first outdoor meeting were suggested, both in the North of the County.

Ty Canol National Nature Reserve.


Pengelli Forest.


Please let me know which you prefer. I shall then reconnoitre and arrange our first activity, and we can meet each other at last!

More suggestions for future outdoor walks most welcome!

It was agreed that Wednesday mornings at 11.30 am would be a convenient time to meet for our walks.
Given that we cannot do anything before the latest lockdown ends on November 9th, and assuming whatever rules are in force after that do not prevent us holding it, I would suggest either Wednesday November 18th or Wednesday November 25th for this. What do people think?

Please let me know your preferred venue and date, if any. A week hence, on November 4th, I will let everyone know when and where we are going. I look forward to meeting you all and getting Pembrokeshire U3A Natural History Group going once more.

Best wishes

Steve Brady