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MailStore Home: Question to Bob!

Started by Geoffw, March 13, 2019, 12:41:48 pm

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Hi Bob....... reassurance needed!

Since you recommended MailStore Home ( https://www.mailstore.com/en/products/mailstore-home/ ) I have been using it to backup my mailboxes, but have yet to pluck up the courage to delete and prune my mailbox. As my mailbox is getting full it looks like I will soon have to bite the bullet and prune it.

Have you done so? and if so, have you found MailStore works for searching for archived messages and attachments?


Geoff - I have deleted a small number of emails, a lot more should be deleted  :-\
The search function is great, as I have told Geoff today having seen him at the Family History group, for the benefit of others I needed to renew my Car Tax on line, they needed a reference number that was on an email the previous year.
I was able to search for "DVLA" and an approximate date range, it found it straight away!
I also find I need to archive fairly regularly - about every six months.