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Horrible Histories!

Started by JohnH, September 23, 2020, 12:19:38 pm

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I recently remembered a story told me long ago by the late Roy Watkins, a St David's man.

There are two harbours near St David's: Carfai Bay, where the quarry provided the red sandstone for the cathedral, and Porth Clais which was the site of the old gas works.

There are two old cottages above the harbour at Porth Clais.

King Arthur and some of his knights came to the cathedral in his old age and whilst waiting for his boat to take him back to Camelot they stayed in one of the cottages. The king thought he was on his death bed.

He asked for his trusty old sword to be brought to him.

Excalibur was brought to him.

He said "Bury me where Excalibur lands".

He whirled the sword three times around his head and then let it go.

They buried him on top of the wardrobe! :)